HR Pro Support Plans to fit your needs!

Our HR Pros have the solutions to your HR requirements. Our cost-effective approach can provide you the best of both worlds; the ease of an extensive online library with the personal and professional advise from the HR Pros. Why settle for self-service? Choose the plan that best fits your needs and your budget. Enjoy all the benefits of an HR Manager without the expense or commitment. Whether you are an HR Manager who would like a “second opinion” on an issue with access to upto-date regulations or a business owner without an HR program looking to bring employment procedures into compliance with state, federal, OSHA, Department of Labor and many, many other regulatory agencies, there’s a program to fit your needs. Don’t wait! That delay could make you pay!
HR Complete

A proactive consulling service. With HR Complete, in addition to being able to reach out to the HR Pros as needed, you benefit from continuous, ongoing support from your very own assigned HR Pro.

•  All the Benefits of HR On-Demand

•  A review of your current HR system, including handbook, forms, procedures and more

•  Your own HR Pro to review the results of the HR Review and create a strategic process to bring your HR program up to date.

•  Your custom HR program is designed to not only bring, and keep, you in compliance with regulatory authorities, but to also accommodate the needs of you, your employees and your industry.

•  Access to training and resources to stay on top of ongoing changes.

•  And more!


HR Complete Service Plan

*(minimum 12-month commitment)
Please contact us if you have questions before subscribing.